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Why a French bulldog?

Because you are investigating this site, you may already know a great deal about the French Bulldog and know that this is the dog breed for you.  Others may be interested in a Frenchie, but do not feel informed enough to make a decision. Either way, hopefully, you will find the information we provide in this section (as well in other sections) interesting and informative, as well as come to an understanding of our love and concern for this wonderful breed, as we give you some of our “unbiased” observations, knowledge, and experience with the French Bulldog.  We recommend you also reference the websites of the CKC and the French Bulldog Club of America before making a final decision, to insure you are a good candidate to own one (or more) of these wonderful companions.


Having a French Bulldog will bring infinite joy and laughter to your life almost everyday. Frenchie owners will agree there are countless ways their little faces and attitudes brighten up your life, sometimes in unexpected ways. All French Bulldogs are loving companions that require significant human interaction to thrive, so be prepared, this is not a set and forget dog. They NEED to be one of the family and should not regularly be left alone for long periods.



Frenchies are perfect for small living spaces but they need to be temperature controlled (i.e. air conditioning) as they are prone to heat exhaustion. In the winter months they should not be left out in the cold for long so …. brrrrrrr-ing them inside. French Bulldogs are great security guards and will alert you to strangers. The incessant non-stop barking for zero reason you see in some small breeds is rare for a Frenchie, this makes for a lot less complaints from any nosey neighbours especially in condos or apartments. 1-2 15 min walks a day with the occasional adventure to the park will keep these pups in tip top shape as well as lessen any of the usual behavioral issues related to dogs. 


For example, a well exercised pup tends to be a non shoe chewing pup (which can be quite a valuable trait according to where you shop lol). Frenchies tend to also get along well with other dogs as long as they are socialized properly from a young age (Legacy Bulldogs Club puppies always receive socialization from a young age with our other dogs).


From the moment they open their eyes Frenchies have very identifiable personalities, each with their own quirks and expressions that develop well into their adult lives. This can be said of most dogs, but the French Bulldog is a unique experience and once you share your life with one you will know this to be true. They love to play and roughhouse when they are feeling frisky, but are also more than willing companions to cuddle under a blanket on the sofa and binge watch your favorite Netflix series.


Frenchies are freethinking, and intelligent but can be little rebels. Which one would think could be frustrating but it actually adds to their lovable personalities. Once these pint sized pups dig their heels in… a mountain is easier to move, so always keep training sessions on the short and fun side. Be firm, consistent and generous in your rewards and both of you will find the experience more than worthwhile. 


The hallmark of the French Bulldog is of course their iconic “Bat Ears” matched with a compact muscular frame. Male French Bulldogs average between 20-28 lbs and 11-13 inches tall. Female French Bulldogs are generally slightly more petite at 18-26 lbs and range from 10-12 inches.


A short, smooth and easy to care for coat with an assortment of standard and rare colours to choose from the French Bulldog can be a showstopper and illicit everything from smiles to inquiries about where you were able to find such a unique looking dog.

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