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Available puppies and past puppies 

Available puppies

From the moment they are born all of our puppies are raised with the the utmost love, care, and attention. Raising puppies is our absolutely biggest joy and we are not shy on getting the only very best for them to be off the best start. Our puppies go to their new homes incredibly confident and ready for a new adventures. Our puppies are never hungry, thirsty, dirty or wanting attention this makes such a huge difference in temperament and results in calm, cuddly, playful and happy babies. They have the best structure with big heads, nice feet and cute ears.


We love staying in touch with our puppy families and getting PUPdates pictures and videos. Getting on a waiting list is easy just contact us at and we will send you a puppy application form.

Fluffy puppies Sep 2022 ready November 2022

Past puppies 

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